Reading Response 2: The Craft of Murky Writing

Writing extensively is something we as students have been taught since elementary school. Word counts and ideas had to be done in specific ways to ensure the reader was informed and entertained by every paragraph, however this leads to a problem in the world of journalism. In this world writers are responsible for conveying information in short columns or big name articles. With space being limited the need to get a point across using concise wording is key to their success. In chapters 5 and 6, Knight teaches to compound sentences while making the most of the short space provided in such articles.

Taking this information to heart can help when writing for the press industry or for online daily columns. The lessons on structure help to also provide a sound foundation for writers to work from. Having too many words can be a problem and Knights’ notes that a dilemma of the English language is that there are numerous words for a writer to use.

I find that the information conveyed by Knight is important and has helped to better understand the way media writing should be done.


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