RR2: The Craft, Active Voice & Action Verbs

It is ironic that the topic discussed in class and chapter five are the same. I am starting to catch myself fixing my wordiness. It is refreshing to be told not to worry about the vocabulary, which was pushed down our throats in school. Higher vocabularies made me insecure in my writing, Zinsser’s idea is that it makes it harder to read.

Luckily, editing a sentence’s wordiness also focuses on repetition. Punctuation should be edited as often as the words to avoid run-on sentences. When using parallel structures, third times the charm. The idea of always using three examples as been present but went unacknowledged for most of my writings.

Even as an example, the sentence on page 139 sums up chapter five, “When you read your copy aloud, you make sure your rhythms are right, your words are necessary and your sentences are direct.”

I have never understood active voice. The first two pages of chapter six clarify the difference between action verbs and active voice so perfectly it’s like I was reading a Grammar for Dummies book.


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