RR1 & RR2


This chapter pissed me off. Probably not for the reasons you think though. I love to exercise my vocabulary. When I do this, I tend to use much bigger words than necessary. This book is the first time anyone has ever called me out on my poo poo and told me what’s what. So I am pissed purely on principle. Other that that, I loved what I read. This book is great. I will have to chill out and write exactly what I mean, and I look forward to the challenge.

I write a good number of short film scripts, and a lot of the information in this book covers techniques that I use in writing scripts.

The KISS method is great. It’s much better that a similar moto a past teacher used to use; “Write what you want the audience to remember, and don’t screw it up”. However, I have been using Keep It Simple Stupid on employes for years to make sure they don’t overthink a simple task.

I have no doubt that I will have to work at keeping my writing down to the essentials and not embellishing to much, but I take the challenge gladly.


Chapter 5 is the best writing workshop I have had. It goes through everything. I can’t believe that I didn’t know most of the things Knight talks about. I re-read several sections just to make sure I could use this information.

As for chapter 6, I love active voice and been using it for years. I come from a film background. I write several scripts a month. In the film industry, If a potential investor reads passive voice in your script, they close it and throw it away. It’s serious. I also love the way active voice gets places faster. It tells you what you want, now.

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