RR #2

Wordiness has been something I have personally struggled with through my writings growing up. After reading this part of chapter five, I have realized that wordiness isn’t what is needed to have the story told fully. Using the right words, in the right order, along with some adjectives, can get the job done better than adding fluff to the writing.

Along with the fluff and wordiness, avoiding redundancy also plays a large roll in writing. I personally am too redundant in my writings. I feel as if I’m repeating myself over and over again or adding just fluff words to drag out the sentence or point I’m trying to get across.

After reading chapter six, I feel as if it would or could have helped me on the grammar tests we have taken. Just seeing and reading about the different verbs and where and how to use them and such, feels pretty beneficial and helpful for the more grammar stuff we may do in class. After reading chapter six, I feel somewhat more confident with my grammar.


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