Reading Response 2

Chapter 5 honestly made me ponder. I sat there after reading wondering if I over use words. The “wordiness” chapter 5 was speaking of is prevalent in some of my writing, however not all. I liked how the chapter said that cutting too many words would make reading whatever you were writing unentertaining and unbearable. Due to this, I will try my best to assist my writing by making sure my words are quick and concise, but not too watered down.

In chapter 6, it speaks of active and passive voice. In my daily life, I happen to get the two mixed up quite frequently, even though I speak fluent English! Though, as the chapter says, it’s one of the hardest things to grasp in the English language. I especially mix the two up when I am speaking quickly or am either speaking in front of a crowd and become nervous. This chapter has very much helped me find the differences between active and passive voice, and I will most likely be doing some of the exercises the book gave to attempt to solve my grammar issues!


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