Christian Castro: RR2-Chapter 5 “The Craft” & Chapter 6 “Active Voice, Action Verbs”

These two chapters showed me writing as a journalist can be kind of like a work of art. In art you need structure, and you certainly need structure with writing. Knight shows us that instead of being so wordy you can present all of your information by just changing up verbs, sentence structure or even dropping complex sentences altogether and separating them so that it does not feel redundant or bloated with content. As a writer, I struggle with keeping it simple because I feel detail is necessary to inform your reader. The problem with doing so is the reader can get bored reading the material.

Knight says, journalist are not supposed to make things up, but it does not mean they cannot be creative in the way they deliver their facts. However, the “slavish” rules in chapter 5 ruin creativity. Knight tells us, “part of being a professional journalist, is that they know the rules well enough to know when to break them” (pg.164). I took that quote as saying everyone is different. We read, write, and retain information differently; so sometimes you must break the rules of writing.

Chapters 5 and 6 are both active chapters I will be returning to throughout the semester to help improve my writing.



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