RR2- This would’ve been helpful for the grammar quiz

I read these two chapters after my second attempt on the grammar quiz, and had I known how helpful they are, I would have used them as a resource while taking the quiz. I struggle with “that” and “which,” “who” and “whom,” and active versus passive voice. Knight’s notes on clear, concise writing and on avoiding wordiness were a helpful reminder. The more grammar-focused sections, coming after my grammar quiz, had me wishing I’d done better.

I appreciated the examples Knight gave the most. Their variety and explanations gave me a better sense of the usage for these words that I often mess up. It will come in handy as a writing tutor as well; it’s easier to point out that a word or phrase is wrong than it is to explain why. I get a lot of questions about active and passive voice in particular, and Knight’s examples have me a better understanding of how to spot the difference and when it’s okay to use passive voice.


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