Austin Elliott: Man of the Land

There is a small town on the northeastern tip of Georgia, called Batesville. Nestled in the mountains, and enjoying the peace and quiet. I grew up in this quiet town, exploring the forest, and discovering things about the world and the people that live in it.

I was born onto a large plot of land. This land was used by my parents to offer horseback riding to passing tourists. This place was and still is called Sunburst Stables. In the years since my arrival, my father and I have expanded the business to offer a slew of activities. From ziplining, to ATVs, to something called a flyboard (you should really look that one up if you haven’t seen it before). More important though, are the the things that I learned on this land. I learned to appreciate the quiet of forest life, and how much one person can achieve with the right mindset and passion. This business not only encouraged me to work hard, but it inspired me to look past the borders of what people have done in the past, and do things that truly excite and amaze.

After long deliberation, I decided to commute to atlanta every week for classes at a small arts school called The Art Institute. Here I learned how to plan and develop amazing short films, work with truly talented people, and expand my artistic and technical tallents. But the school was not perfect, and lacked the depth I needed. That is why I transferred to Piedmont, and am now pursuing an IDS degree and broadening my horizons for the business I am still so passionate about.

I plan to continue operating “Sunburst” and developing it into a escape from troubles, and a heaven for those wanting to relax and play, and those who strive to expand their work experience.

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