Sage:R​eading Response 1

Throughout the first chapter, Knight talks about the need to not overthink your writing. I can understand this with most of my best work has come from just letting what I want to say flow and hardly ever using an outline. He puts an emphasis on the intro to your writing which is where I spend the majority of my time when writing. Its the foundation of your writing and allows you to keep it simple by just following it as a road guide. It will enable you to craft much work.

Building on this he also talks about the need to write to your audience. In many cases, students especially are trying to use oversized words to get a simple point across to sound smarter. This blocks off your audience by barring some people from being able to comfortably read this. I know in my experience that I’ve done this a few times to make myself sound better on a test. Much like in life it is much better to KISS it than to try and make something extra.

This chapter is handy when it comes to writing something. It shows some of the best practices you can use like building your intro or cutting out unneeded fluff. Its a very good foundation for good writing and and reminded me alot of the steps i need to take in my writing.


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