Reading Response 1

I used to be afraid of the written word. Now I embrace it.

When writing, I’ve always found myself to be naturally troubled. I’m not some Ernest Hemingway. Heck, I’m not even a Dr. Seuss. However, my writing can take me places nothing else can. Places that don’t even exist half of the time! I’ve learned that you can’t just take words and mash them together. You must weave them, burn them even, into the page. Or screen, if you’re into that.

Overall, the feel of the first chapter was very inviting and actually more helpful than I could’ve imagined. The K.I.S.S. principal spoken of in this book is very much appreciated and also cleverly worded. No one wants to read something they have to dig through and look at with a magnifying glass. They want to feel the words and understand them the first time around. Hearing things you don’t could possibly cause you to put down whatever it is you’re reading. Though, as the book also says, no one wants to be spoken to as a five year old except, well, an actual five year old. Think about how offensive it would be to read something with solely simple words.

The book also speaks of journalistic writers not focusing on adapting a style, but to work on “…developing writing skills.” Knight’s phrase speaks to me immensely because I most definitely have no style in writing. For years, I was worried about how my writing would come across to other people, mainly my important peers. Would they understand me? Had I made sense? Did I use a “flowey” enough word order. Well, as Knight says, the English language is gigantic and difficultly crafted, so there is no right or wrong way to say anything. Your style comes from the way your writing skills are developed. Long story short, everyone is different. Let’s be different together.


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