Will Sargent: Reading Response 1

Writing has always been a very touchy subject with me. There will be sometimes where I can write for hours and hours and just get on a roll without even thinking about it, but there will be sometimes where I just hit a roadblock and just simply don’t get anything done. The process of writing a paper is easy and the layout is really typical but the process of getting the thoughts out of my head seems to be where I struggle with. I always see myself “filling up” a paper with the expansion of thoughts and filibustering until I get to the word count but I hope to be a more accomplished writer and being more confident in my writings whilst going through this class.

I thoroughly agree with Knight and the way that he describes writing. He says that we should not try and simplify really complicated matters, but we should use words that everyone understands and get to them through our word choice and our writing style. Especially how he speaks about knowing your audience. Knowing the audience is one of the most beneficial things that you can use to your advantage when writing, and it brings the writer and audience closer together. I also like how he used the acronym KISS to apply to the papers and good writing skills. I feel like I can use that principle when writing papers in my near future and it will help me not to over think when gathering ideas and writing up papers.


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