RR1: Nick Pope

When it comes to writing it has always been something I’ve dreaded. I don’t think I am a bad writer, but the idea of being told specifics about what to write has always bothered me because I believe it discourages creativity. With that said, if I do enjoy the prompt given to me I will enjoy the writing and can create a semi-decent paper. Word counts are a flawed approach for writing, and on topics I’ve struggled with I’ve gone through and taken apart contractions just to get the word count. I am looking forward to this different style of writing, and I hope I get a better interest in writing and maybe even begin to enjoy it. 

I think the book does a good job of pointing out the emphasis on being aware of who your target audience is. The book also made a point of not needing an outline, and I’ve never found outlines useful for me personally. My Lit teachers in high school took my outline as part of the essay grade, so I’ve learned to make good looking outlines but they’ve never been helpful. I believe my writing will improve after putting to use the points Knight wrote about.


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