RR #1

Writing and grammar have always been something I’ve struggled with. Growing up, seeing even a sentence diagram on the board made me want to just go hide in the bathroom all of language arts class. Through all the tutors and tears, I’ve managed to get this far with grammar and writing. I think having a topic to begin with, media wise, will be help me become better at writing because it’s not just telling a story, it’s having people interested too.

Knight puts writing into a better and different perspective within this chapter for me. I’ve never thought about how if you have a good introduction, then it sets up the organization of the rest of the story. I’ve spent way too much time focusing on the body instead of the introduction. Instead of finding a style that fits well with my work, I tend to find myself trying to fit a style of someone else’s work especially when it’s in the introduction. I really think that reading and applying Knights strategies and styles will help me become a better writer throughout the semester.


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