Reading Response 1: Keep it Simple Stupid

Keeping something simple can be a pain for some. I as a person can relate to this as I harbor a deep love for the complex. Complex stories and moral ambiguities however are best kept to the stories of books and games. In a news report being simple can help to get a point across at a faster pace allowing you to present you’re points support the report being written.

By setting a lead a writer is able to clarify the reason behind the report and set a tone for the paper as a whole. Without this lead information can get jumbled, requiring the reader to look deeper into a subject to understand more. Knight makes it clear that a strong vocabulary should be used when writing to readers to keep them hooked on everything you write. Doing this allows you to create a rapport with the reader, allowing you to find an audience that fits your topics the most.

The points Knight makes throughout the chapter on writing in a journalistic manner are insightful, giving pointers and advice that will hopefully allow me to grow as a writer.


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