Reading Response 1

Writing, for me, was very difficult while I was in Elementary and Middle school. I could never force myself to sit down and finish my papers. Once I got to high school, however, I started taking advanced Language Arts and Literature classes so I was forced to learn the correct writing techniques involved in a good paper. This made me a better writer and I am confident now that I can produce a solid paper fairly quickly and efficiently. I hope to further my skills in Media Writing 1 and learn new techniques that I have not been taught yet.

Knight’s chapter 1 was very beneficial for me to read and I learned a lot from it. I especially liked the parts about audiences and effects of words. He writes that it is extremely important to understand the audience you are writing to, because you can better grab the reader’s attention and make sure the audience will focus in on your writing. Also, he talks about making the correct word choices, and how choosing words that make sense to the audience is very important.


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