Reading Response 1

Writing has always been a hit or miss with me. If the teacher assigns a topic that I enjoy and know a lot about then I can write for days. On the other hand, if the topic is something I do not know too much about then I will stare at my laptop screen for an hour without writing anything down. I have taken plenty of English and Literature classes so I am use to figuring it out and try to put as much on the paper as possible. I have learned that is not always the best way to write. With media writing I think it will help me just focus on the topic and not write about complete nonsense.

I really liked when Knight talked about writing straight to whoever your audience is. I believe that if you focus on who you are writing to it will make your papers more enjoyable to read. I was very surprised to learn that Knight said using big vocabularies can be a trap. I always thought using big words made my papers better even though I did not even know what the words meant sometimes. I agree with him about keeping it simple. I think that keeping it simple will help me out personally.

Overall, I thought Knights points were very helpful. I think they will take my writing skills to the next level.


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