RR: #1 why and how good writing counts

I am not a good writer in terms of how I don’t know grammar well, at all, and it definitely shows. My teachers throughut college have made it very prevalent in telling me I need to see a writing utor, but I have nevre been able to understand or fully put across the knowledge that I do understand. It is also definitly harder to write in a different way then how you speak personally.

Knight puts it into a concept that is a bit easier to understand. He writes about the guidelines to develop skills for writing, but in my own opinion, I feel it is helpful for those who haven’t already heard these tips and tricks. The only guideline I had never personally been told about was the last, “use color when you can”. It was a very interesting thought of how to grasp the reader’s attention. This I will defintly be trying to put into action in my future writing for I feel the part about going into detial when it’s needed is defintly soemthing we don’t see often in writin.

I defiantly think Knight has a very good way of putting how good writing counts but I feel he should have gone into it more than just resting some of the most common guidelines.


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