RR1: Why & How Good Writing Counts

As school and my father have attempted to engrave in me the habit of using outlines to write stories, it was a breathe of fresh air to read “Outlines usually waste time and disrupt the flow of the story”. My stressful stories will be much less stressful, for I always struggle to connect the dots that the outlines provide.

It is often frustrating when people publish a biased story purposed for manipulation. Knight writes, “You’re a reporter, not a recorder,” which expresses a similar, yet opposite idea that you do not have to include everything that happened in the story. Reporters, yearbook editors, authors, all have the same responsibility of sharing a story as clear and concise and balanced as it happened, for there are always two sides to the same story. I sometimes struggle with embellishing stories with exciting adjectives to make them less boring, however, I need to do less of that seeing as each word in a sentence is supposed to have weight to it.

The “Time-Saving, On-Deadline Formula” for writing seems very simple and easy, it is basically chronological order.

I was glad to read fake it ’til you make it, or as Knight puts it, “Convince the reader that you’re convinced.” He also provided a way of doing so: keeping the energy up to distract the reader and help them believe you.

English is a tricky language and Knight’s explanation of it did not clear it up at all for me. It is hard to learn to love a language that frustrates me so. Not only does the English language dishearten me, but so does learning the reporter slang of “lede” and “graf,” which – for the record – have the red line underneath them (meaning they are misspelled).


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