Reading Response 1

While many people believe that writing for English courses is about throwing as many words on the page as possible to meet a requirement, good writing, good papers, are not. In this chapter, I found many of the same lessons I’ve learned as an English major: if you can say it in less words, do so, but pick your words carefully. Don’t just be concise, but precise. Dr. O’Keefe’s mantra of “words make sound” was also here as Knight discussed the English language.

This chapter was part refresher and part new information. The information I’d heard before was delivered in a different way, showing me a new side of it and a new way to use it, two things which are why I wanted to take this class. I know how to write, but I don’t know this kind of writing. The new information was given in the same way Knight says to write: direct, simple, and telling the reader what they need to know next.

It also served as a reminder to be more conscious as I write, something that is important no matter the kind of writing. I hope to keep remembering this as I write for this class and others.


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