Keaton Benfield: Reading Response #1

Whenever I make errors in my own writing in English classes, I always hear from my professors that I am writing too much, that I need to simplify and be more concise with what I am attempting to explain to the audience. This is also a crucial step in the process of reporting and writing pieces in journalism. It is a difficult thing to accomplish, but it is a very important rule to keep in mind when writing anything. Knight emphasizes that the writer must not over-simplify complicated subject matters, but he/she must use words that everyone is able to comprehend.

Knight also goes into detail about the English language itself and the way that it is utilized. It was interesting to read about the complexities of the language and I even learned valuable information that I had no knowledge of before. Techniques and skills that I use within my other English classes can also carry over to this course and the style of writing. Many of the same rules apply to both but in different ways that set them apart, despite the similarities.

Even though I had known about many of the ideas and tips that Knight has written about here, I still feel like it was a fresh take on subjects that I had previous information of. It made me look back at my own writing again and I feel as if I am more aware of how I need to improve.  


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