hey this used to be me..

I don’t really know how to start this blog, and I don’t know what the title should be either… Oh well. (I need to find an updated photo)

My name is Nickolas Pope and I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and lived in Florida until grade school. Most of my life I grew up in little town called Nashville, Georgia. To give you a sense of size, I graduated with 120 people in my senior class. If you know me you’ll know sports is one of the main influences on my life. Growing up my life was always at the rec. department playing any sport I was allowed to play, but once I got into middle school I really narrowed it down to two sports, soccer and basketball. 

Why Piedmont?

When I was looking at schools I knew I wanted to play soccer, but also knew I wanted to be in a good communications department and it came down to a couple of schools that I could reasonably afford and still get actual playing time. I chose Piedmont expecting to get a few minutes here and there but after a few key injuries I found my self starting my first collegiate game merely five games into the season. Everything was uphill from there and I’ve loved every minute being a Lion here at Piedmont. Of course there’s more to school than sports, and another one of the things I loved about Piedmont’s campus was the class sizes and the relationships I could have with the professors. I got here as a Masscom Major and since then I’ve switched to Sportscom, but think both programs prepare you to go out and get a job.

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