Using video to capture a moment instead of snapping a photograph can speak measures. Sometimes, photographs just aren’t able to tell the whole story. Maybe you can’t get the right angle or the right shot– maybe the photo just isn’t what you envisioned to begin with. You wanted a captivating photo, not a boring one.

Briggs explains that the impact of video has been felt far and wide. Middle school and high school students are being trained early on in their education to use video. Video is versatile, and now that video is easier for everyone to produce and to view online, any kind of journalist can participate.

Although photographs may be easier to shoot, a video can show more– more background to the story, more information, more emotion, and more content. Video gives a full scene with details and it’s also a way to tell stories with moving pictures and not just with words on paper. If you hook the audience in the first 20 seconds and focus on one central idea, you will build a bond in the same way that an author creates a relationship with their readers.


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