Audio journalism is a lot different than video and reflects difference a message in certain situations. Sometimes an audio clip as opposed to a face speaking will prevent people from judging whoever is speaking actually take the time to listen to their anecdote. This is seen in the Podcast series “Serial”.  To avoid the audience judging people for their Middle Eastern look or heritage only a simple audio clip of their and give you is play and I need to get an emotionally attached to the characters. It is a much more effective way to tell stories in certain situations and correctly elicit the right emotions from audience members.

Natural sound is a type of audio clip that is used to a greater effect than it is in videos. It allows the audience to imagine what is actually going on and titillate the senses instead of being fed directly what is going on. This can allow people to simply close their eyes and be immersed in the situation left to their own thoughts and devices, kind of like reading.  In this respect audio is a lot more effective in telling stories and can also be extended into a Podcast series to properly get all the details of the situation, while a documentary must limit say 12 hours of footage into an hour 1/2 to 2 hours.


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