In this chapter, we learn about microblogging and how Twitter has become a very common medium for microblogging. Twitter can be a great way for accessing news, politics, sports, and the latest trends with such ease. However, anyone can post anything on the website/app, and like that rest of the internet and blogging mediums, the information can’t always be verified. Also, since you can’t hear the voice of the person blogging, the tones of some posts can be taken the wrong way.

Twitter is a widely used medium for it’s many great features. For instance, the direct message (DM) feature can be used almost as an SMS. You can send messages, share tweets privately, and share multimedia among anyone that follows you or has the feature enabled. You can use the hashtaging feature to connect with certain topics or discussions. For instance, you can search #NLCS and catch up to see who is winning the series, read peoples opinions, or watch highlights.


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