Interviewing is an important skill to perfect in the world of journalism. Making connections, building relationships and gaining trust is the start of building a firm foundation for interviewing. In this chapter, Filak explains how to prepare for an interview by researching your topic and gathering information about your source.

To conduct a productive interview, you have to know where to dig. When you know where to dig, you begin to understand your purpose. Filak discusses that there could be various purposes to an interview, following with research and determining the tone of the interview. Is it casual? Will you need a lot of time set aside to get the information you need? Can you gather the answers to your questions within one interview or will you have to meet multiple times?

When you figure out the answers to these questions, your interactions with your source will grow and they will soon become comfortable when speaking to you. How comfortable your source is with you and the flow of the interview matters greatly.

But it truly comes down to one thing: preparation. Preparation is the key aspect to any interview. If you know what information you have to get and know just how to get it, your interview will be productive and successful.


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