Interviewing is the best source for information in the journalism world. Filak mentions several places in the chapter to do research before interviewing that I wouldn’t have thought to check; some of these include trade press and non-digital newspaper clippings. Some interviews will require extensive before-hand research, while others (such as emergencies and breaking news) won’t leave much room for prior research. Knowing what you are interviewing about will help set the tone for the interview and the piece you are writing. This is especially useful in emergency situations like a car crash or tragic fire.

Preparing questions beforehand will help the interview to run smoothly, but one should also be prepared for the interview to go in a direction that wasn’t originally planned. Often times, the interviewee will touch on a subject that the interviewer had no prior knowledge of, and finds interesting or is of use to the piece he is writing. Another important thing to remember is that the interview is not about the interviewer, but rather about the interviewee. In other words, the interviewer should ask the questions, but the focus of the interview should be on the interviewee’s responses.


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