One of the most important aspects of being a journalist is getting factual content for your readers through interviews. In this chapter Filak talks about interviewing as a journalist and discusses important elements. I feel like one of the most important elements of an interview is understanding what your purpose is for the story you want to write about. Understanding your interview will help the interview with flow and it will make you your source think you know what you are doing. For example, if you go to a car crash or a place where there is an emergency, then you should first interview the witnesses and then higher authorities like police officers. In this situation if you are not prepared for the worst then you will not get a successful interview and will not have a story. One of the things Filak mentions is live tweeting what you are reporting about. This will provide your readers with information and lets them know that there will be a story. This chapter made me think about interviews more and how important they are for a story.


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