Both Briggs and Filak claimed that the use of Twitter as a microblogging platform is essential to modern journalism.

This statement is truthful, but the recreational use of Twitter often takes precedence over the professional side of it. The network itself is an extremely useful place to generate more interest in your company’s content as well as allowing to see it via hyperlink.

I would say that news/media outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York Times use Twitter very well to make a message powerful using Twitter’s character cap of 280. With limited space, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide every detail, so a simple hyperlink and headline in a Tweet becomes as powerful as an entire article. Donald Trump is one of those users who I personally believe used his Twitter well to generate a big following during the 2016 campaign. Since then, though, his Twitter has been a place of poorly created nicknames and degradations towards others and since has become more ineffective than it was before.


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