In chapter 6 of Filak, the interesting section that caught my attention was Twitter. Twitter today is used by so many people and it is a great way to share news from any area such as sports, politics, fashion, and many more. When I think of Twitter I think of politics because today Twitter is used for politics a lot. Filak talks about five different points about Twitter that I thought was interesting. The first point is tweet to be read. I agree with Filak when he says to avoid abbreviations because the reader should be able to understand what you are saying easily. And people might take an abbreviation differently than you, so you want to make sure you are on the same page and that it looks clean. The second point is spelling and grammar count. Some times when I get on Twitter I see grammar errors from companies that are professional. Whenever I see this it makes me think that they are not responsible and I am less likely to trust them. So it is important to make sure you can spell correctly for your readers. The third point is tweet for readers. Filak is right when he talks about how a company should tweet what your niche is so like travel or politics. People go to your twitter page to see specific tweets and if they see random things it will most likely turn them away. The fourth point is twitter is dangerous. Filak describes the how twitter can be a negative platform and when you send a tweet you have to make sure that you are not accusing someone of something or coming off as negative. Twitter watches tweets heavily especially if it is from a large company. The final point is drive traffic to your outlet. It is important for your viewers to know more about you other than from Twitter such as adding a website to your profile. This will help engage a larger audience and people will know who you are more.

In chapter 2 of Briggs, the section that caught my attention is when he was talking about Twitter and the different meanings on the platform (DM, @, Tweet, RT, Hashtag). Everyone who has a Twitter account uses these but it is important to understand what they mean. DM is a direct message used to share something with an individual privately. I use this sometimes with my friends to share something that I found on the platform. When you use the @ icon you are most likely mentioning someone in the tweet. Usually when I do this is when I tweet about someone or if the person relates to the tweet. RT is retweeting which means you are sharing someone else’s tweet that you think is interesting or something you relate to. I usually do this when I see a tweet that i can relate to or that I think is funny so other people can see the tweet. Finally, the hashtag is used when something is a topic. So if you post a picture of the beach you might use #beach. Hashtags can also be used if something is trending so people can search the hashtag and see all the post with the hashtag.


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