Twitter accounts ae powerful writing tools. There are only 140 characters available for each tweet, but a lot of damage can be done with such a small amount of words. Tweeting a hashtag when your use for it isn’t relative to the issue it is currently promoting, or tweeting a harmless statement about a topic that was recently touchy (even when harm is unintended) can be in poor judgement. Always know what issues are relevant and how to avoid being legally or socially in the wrong. With this being said, Twitter is a great way to get a short and sweet statement to a large audience at one time.

Twitter (and other forms of social media) are all about the stream of content, which is what makes it so effective. People’s attention spans are short, and Twitter helps to capture their attention while also keeping them hooked on what’s going to happen next. Twitter is more “live” than a regular newspaper, meaning it can be updated every second. This allows viewers to access instant information and continue to follow the event(s) constantly. Because we are a culture of instant gratification, Twitter and other forms of social media keep viewers happy and hooked on the news.



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