Filak and Briggs both talk about the use of twitter as a form of microblogging in their chapters.

Briggs states that most journalistic jobs will demand social media skills now, so it is best to start a twitter as early as you can. Filak confirms this by saying social media is now a major outlet that draws readers in and can inspire action.

I have mixed feelings about this.

I appreciate twitter as a social media platform and am glad that it limits users to 140 characters, but I wouldn’t consider it a valid media source. Even if your account puts out accurate information and makes sure to fact check everything, most other accounts won’t.

You’re more likely to find false information than factually accurate information.

I do appreciate how much the platform has grown since it’s beginning and has now become a major world-recognized media source. It’s become a major hub for news and entertainment, and our current president makes sure to use and often abuse it.

I think it’s important to have and to use, but I do encourage people not to believe everything they read, most of it is probably wrong.


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