Social media is a large factor in distributing information within this generation. Many sources of content are distributed between outlets, allowing users to filter out the content they want to read or don’t want to read. Social media is quite a power tool, if I do say so myself.

Social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook for example, particularly helps readers to meet others with the same interests, gathering a following for that particular source. The purpose of this is to gather a large audience for a particular portion of the web. Some look at social networking as a positive influence and others… not so much. It’s more of a personal opinion. That is one of the ways that writers and journalists use social networking to their advantage.

Regardless if you love or hate social media or social networking altogether, you can’t deny the face that it’s the most productive way of relaying information quickly to a large audience. Although you can’t be sure what to trust or believe, go with your gut and fact check, fact check, fact check.

The bottom line is this: today’s journalism requires some type of presence on social media, regardless of your opinion about it. Just use it to your advantage and use it wisely.


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