In Chapter 8, Briggs discusses how Most people rely on technology to access local and world news, allowing users to learn about events and watch them unravel in front of our eyes. Data collection can be used to record data and organizer them in spreadsheets to be used by the public.

In some cases, data can tell a story all on its own. An infographic or spreadsheet can be very helpful and informative to the reader. Interactive maps could also be very useful. Readers tend to connect and pay attention more when they have something that they can interact with.

The second half of the chapter is a focus on towards how data can be displayed with the main example being a map. Maps can display exact points of interest while still allowing for numerical values. Breaking news apps and websites use push notifications, email alerts, and news streams to reach users in a matter of seconds by using metadata. Metadata can help better inform people by allowing these outlets to give the exact locations and details of an incident.



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