We live in a society today that is based off of consumption and redistribution of data. People can’t get through their day without perusing some sort of information in regards to the news or current events in the world. Often, these events are portrayed as accurately and as quickly as possible, even if all the finite details are not readily accessible. This is due to data collection and its representation in a spreadsheet. This way it can be clearly organized and put out into an article to be read by the public, one that contains all the statistical information in displayed in a very organized manner. Data can be represented in many, ways including map mashups. These are groupings of maps that usually are interactive and contain information about an area recently affected by a natural disaster or well organized public entertainment (and everything in between). A good example of this is a map that showcases all the focal points of earthquakes in a recently affected area. They are able to do this through location aware devices that allow people to voluntarily submit their location to a server that records said data from a person’s phone, and banks it into a larger a storage unit that is later tapped into for deeper knowledge. The world today is a scary place, anybody can know anything about anybody at any given time given the right tools. Let us hope they continue using this technology for good, instead of evil.


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