With technology getting better and becoming more complex, as a society we live off of data. Whenever we get on our phones to check the news or our social media sites, we use data. Communication is so important in society today because we have to know what is happening all the time. We also need to know something in only just a few seconds because we are impatient human beings in today’s society. Communication through social media and news sites are just two examples of using data to provide information to audiences. Information is important because it tells a story and tells a story to the reader. One of the things in the book was how BreakingNews can send alerts to emails, push notifications, and personalized streams. Not only can BreakingNews do this, but they can do this in a matter of seconds, all because of metadata. “We’ve engineered our content management system to estimate the metadata–make intelligent guesses–and then our editors can quickly make tweaks on the fly. We’re able to do this in a matter of a few seconds,” Bergman says. Metadata also allows them to give details about an incident like location to better inform the media. I thought this chapter was interesting because it made me realize how important data is for information and communication with daily life.


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