Donald Trump questions Nike about Colin Kaepernick


Donald Trump questioning Nike about Colin Kaepernick 

Nike is a big business that carries out positivity for children and adults in the world. If certain subjects bring controversy to them, Nike will always make a careful decision.  

Today, Donald Trump questioned Nike by saying, “What was Nike thinking?”  referring to the Colin Kaepernick quote; “Believe in something. Even it means sacrificing everything.”  

Nike has always been about making money. When Nike released Colin Kaepernick onto the face of the campaign a week or two ago, they knew that there was going to be more money coming their way, which has happened There’s an Easy Answer to President Donald Trump’s Question About Nike. I do believe that Nike is trying to make a statement and that’s to show they are not about treating people like dirt. Nike understands exactly what is taking place overtime.   

Lebron James who also has Nike line, tweeted “#JokesOnYou.” He was referring to Donald Trump and all the others who doubted Kaepernick’s success. Lebron’s tweet wasn’t to be negative, but to send a positive message. 

“I don’t like what Nike did. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I honor the flag. I honor our national anthem,” Trump said, what kind of President is he? Is he going to criticize what others of a different race do and say, or is he going to stop and start being the President of the United States with some sense? 

The Nike ad was released Thursday, showing a variety of athletes including Lebron James and former tennis star Serena Williams. The ad ended with the slogan, “It’s only crazy until you do it. Just Do It.”  

With Kaepernick and Nike teaming up together, they will be on unstoppable force that no can trump.  


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