Nike Strikes Gold with Kapernick Campaign


Lately Nike has started a little bit of a stir amongst different crowds in the United States, but they knew what they were doing. Last week, Nike made a strong stand with star ex-quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kapernick; as he was the star of their new advertising campaign.

He has not played in the NFL since 2016, after taking a knee during the National Anthem throughout the 2016 season. Kapernick did not do this out of disrespect, he has received many veterans “Ok” with the matter. The reason for the kneel is because of police brutality. In recent years, there has been many cases of black people losing their lives to the hands of the police.

With the Ad making national headlines, Nike has reached an all-time high in sales. Many critics believed Nike’s sales would plummet because of social media reaction. Twitter trended with different hashtags like #donewithnike and #burnnike but while the bad reviews happened, praise also began to spread. Nike not only allowed Kapernick to narrate the ad, but great sports stories are told as well. For example, the triumphant story of Shaquem Griffin of the Seattle Seahawks. Griffin only has one arm but plays at the highest level of football. Another story flashed in the ad is Alphonso Davies, a star in the MLS who went through being a refugee in Ghana and fleeing the country because of Civil unrest. Nike does a great job of capturing the overcoming stories while also enshrining the greatness of Lebron James and Serena Williams. The athletes offer inspiration for inner city kids, not only from an athletic standpoint but also in the community.

Nike does a great job of capturing the different aspects of life in the ad. Religion, race, and LGBT community are all represented in the Nike campaign. The campaign is based upon the upcoming fall apparel. Nike also times it perfect, as the ad is dropped during opening night of the NFL. This is important because Kapernick has accused the NFL of blacklisting him from the league. Not only is the Ad a slap in the face to the NFL, Nike is also the official apparel of the league.

No one can run away from Nike, because it is everywhere. Nike took a social stand with Kapernick, but also made a great business decision. Nike’s target market is not only in America, but everywhere is the world. In this Ad, Nike captures a lot of what is happening everywhere and does a great job of relating. Nike’s stocks only went down for a day after the campaign launched. Few days later many stockholders could not wait to get their hands on a Nike stock as online sales skyrocketed, it is safe to say Nike knew exactly what they were doing.


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