Briggs is speaking about how data-driven journalism is important.

Data is a helpful tool to persuade, inform or relate to the audience about a topic you are writing about. Every story that is written is a field of data– even if you don’t realize it at the time.

I believe that the benefit of using factual spreadsheets, computer algorithms and other technology establishes a productive outlet to release information much quicker than a human could. It helps to advance and speed up the process of giving the audience what they want. The faster they receive the information that they want, the more readers you will have. This number will continue to increase the more technologically advanced society becomes.

Spreadsheets, data maps, location-aware devices and online databases are changing the game. And although we need people who are better writers rather than people who are data-literate, adequacy in both aspects will change journalism– especially in this day and age. Leveraging your resources, beginning with technology, is the first step. The possibilities for data-driven journalism are endless from here on out.


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