Briggs’ chapter on the importance of using photographs to create a story. The process of using photos instead of words can be done but is a difficult task unless done properly. Briggs focuses the chapter on using photos that capture emotions and reactions of a scene and turning them into a scene.

In order to get the proper pictures, one must first understand their camera completely. Briggs discusses this, and the true importance of understanding exactly what type of camera you have and all capabilities that you posses with the camera in your hand. Being comfortable with the camera in your hand is a major first step. Besides the capability of your camera, there are serval outside factors that can assist or hender the photo taking process and the quality of the photos. One example Briggs highlights is lighting. Understanding exactly what lighting you want (natural, flash, or a combo of both) will help produce a better photo.

Even after all the great information Briggs gives in this chapter, it is important to remember that being in the right place at the right time can outdo all of them.


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