RR 3

In today’s time and age, people like to live in the moment and expect to be able to access everything with the touch of a finger. The transition from paper news to almost entirely digital outlets is the perfect example of the time that we have transitioned into. Most newspapers today have at least one digital outlet to their print counterpart. The increase of digital media that is being consumed rather than print is what Filak is telling readers to adapt to in order to succeed in writing. Digital and print writing are both very different fields, and both require different styles in order to be deemed as a professional work.

Filak mentions that blogging is one of the most influential and widely diverse outlets when speaking of digital writing. Blogging is the perfect example of how media is seen today. While print tends to be detailed and extensive, blog posts tend to be biased, personal, and short form. No matter the form of a writing, writers must adapt to capture their audience.


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