RR 1

Chapter 3 discuses keeping things simple and not confusing the reader with your leads. Readers comprehend better when one writes simple and gets to the point. This way the reader can fully grasp the concept of what the writer is yielding.

Editing is the final step before a writing is published. Reading the words out loud is one strategy that allows the editor to hear and see his/her own mistakes. Having minimal errors in the writing is essential to publishing professional writing.

Chapter 4 focuses on the killer “B’s.” This is a topic that we discussed in detail last semester, but it is still a topic that is important to remember when writing professionally. Just remembering the killer “B’s” while writing saves you time while editing and writing.

Chapter 8 was a very insightful chapter. Realizing that everything needs to be prepared before publishing a work makes me think about the legitimacy and urgency of the process, especially when it is breaking news. Although being the first to publish a breaking news story is important in the industry, legitimacy and urgency should be the writer’s main priority.


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