Briggs discusses the importance of visual storytelling with photographs in chapter five.

Words can be replaced with photos, but only if it is executed correctly. Pictures have a way of telling more of the story. You are able to capture emotions, reactions and scenes that can be interpreted differently than if you were only describing the scene in words.

Briggs discusses the smartest usages of a camera when shooting, explaining how it is critical to understand the functions of a camera and what to do with it when you have it. Understanding the basics and being comfortable shooting is your starting point. Several factors are considered when taking a photo, with the first being the type of lighting you are aiming for- natural light (ambient), with a flash as the primary light source, or a mixture of flash and ambient light. When there is correct lighting, it’s much easier for the rest of the photo to fall into place.

Once you decide what lighting you will use, if you focus on one specific thing, hold the camera steady and fill the frame- voíla, you’ve created the image you had pictured in your mind.

Photography is a critical tool for journalists. It is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time– as well as considering all of the other important factors, of course.


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