There’s far too many camera references, sayings and puns in today’s culture, but there’s a reason for it. We’re a digital generation.

We read words printed over images (hello memes) and most of our stories now consist of pictures, not text. The written word doesn’t matter quite as much as it used to, we’ve become a very visual group.

Briggs talks about this in his book and gives a few pointers on how to achieve the photos that will have the best impact.

He talks about working with Photoshop, a program that I have to use on almost a daily basis for my job. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to crack open Photoshop just so I could upload something into InDesign and make it all blend together.

The bottom line is photos add drama to a story, any story. A news story about two old ladies fighting in a grocery store is entertaining, sure. But the photo of one hitting the other with a handbag? Priceless.

In order to create a better story and one that interests readers more, adding photos is the easiest way to do so.


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