I really enjoyed this read because photojournalism is something I have a huge interest in. I love taking pictures and sharing them with other people, but I love having a story behind them. This chapter did a good job of getting the point across of why photojournalism exist. Writing is something I enjoy but words are just words. I like to have something physical for people to see to express more in detail what I am talking about. This also gives more of an emotional response to the readers because when the reader can see what is going on in the picture it can tell the reader the mood, atmosphere and even color of things. I also liked how Briggs, the author, explained how you can post your photos online, especially for people who do not know how. There have been many times where I have read journalism without pictures and it’s great but sometimes I picture things in my head that are completely different from what the journalist wants me to think. When I do read journalism with photos I know exactly how the journalist wants me to feel and think what the journalist is thinking. I love photojournalism and I hope to use it in my career one day.


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