The majority of the chapters in both books referred to the importance of blogging; not just how important it is, but also how to generate readers for your blog, how to create your blog, and how to write for a blog in such a tiny confined space. Now, what I just said is very contradictory to the infinite space procedurally generated on the Internet, but it is true. While working in print one has to be mindful of the fact that they only have so much paper to print on, and therefore should be able to generate a predetermined word count to help them base their writing off of the inverted Pyramid Style; however, on the web one has to write tighter than the space allows. A good rule of thumb is to take what you have written and cut it in half because any media writer can get carried away with how much space they have and forget to really drive home the point.
While it is important to be as detailed as one can to not leave anything out, it is more so important to do so in as few words as possible. This is because readers on the Internet have a very short attention span and, if you were to list 3 sources, the reader may tire before ever reaching the 3rd source and either move on to another portion of the article or exit out of the page altogether. It is essential to engage your readers via social media, and advertising your blog with the microblogging capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and so on. Obviously, not everybody has time to sit down and write a blog that is very detailed and caters to every type of audience for a media outlet. This is why the app Twitter is very popular. Limiting space to only 140 characters makes the writer really think about what they want to get across before putting it down. There is no blank canvas with a limited space anymore, everything is confined and the point has to be driven harder than a nail into a piece of wood.

Going into the journalism next book, I was not expecting to find such a detailed chapter on how Twitter works and how physically to set up and organize a blog. I will leave the technical side of things to that chapter, but I will say if one was looking to set up a blog then that book is as far as they need to look to find every step needed to create one that is both engaging and pleasing to look at. To recap, blogging is an art that can really help springboard people into the world of journalism and create a new platform for people to look at news who are not necessarily trying to browse it in a corporate environment. Blogs are typically personal and are very engaging to the reader. They are edited very minimally each day over and over to at least initiate some type of change to keep readers circling back to the blog. They ask questions, they provide answers, and they provide the news. Blogs are an essential part of any media outlet and have skyrocketed since their inception thanks to social media and to the growing digital world.


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