In chapter 6, Filak introduces and defines what a blog is. As someone who writes a personal blog, I very interested to see what he had to say. The first headline was “Don’t Blog Just to Blog.” We tend to jump on the bandwagon really fast in today’s society. Many corporations or organizations have blogs, but are unsuccessful due to them being unnecessary. Not every organization needs a blog. Blogs are different forms of media because they are such a personal way of sending out information, and are typically less formal than other forms of media. We tend to gloss over hyperlinks embedded in the bottom of blogs, but they can actually be very useful when it comes to finding out more about the topic the audience was reading about.

Briggs mentions that “a good blog is a continuing conversation,” meaning that blogs should challenge the reader to contemplate the topic and continue the discussion. Microblogging is actually very important. Although it’s basically just a short message, it allows people access to other links and graphics instantaneously. A great example of microblogging is the Twitter app. The main reason microblogging is so important and popular is because of how quickly news is shared on these platforms.


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