Blogging. It’s not just the outlet for bored moms anymore.

Filak takes us through how to transfer content from the print era to the digital one and warns about the evils of making digital content look like print content. He’s right, it’s not the same. He also advises against blogging for the heck of it.

But Briggs claims otherwise.

He states that every college student should have a blog and a Twitter account (Twitter is a form of blogging anyway). And he’s right to a certain point, but we’re constantly blogging in other ways.

Snapchat and Instagram made a global takeover almost overnight and have been dominant forms of social media. And what is social media? That’s right, a trendy new title for blogging, more specifically microblogging. We follow one account because we like their posts on politics, another because it’s funny, and a third because everyone loves watching food porn.

We crave those faster blogs because with our busy schedules we have to zip from one thing to the next, and do the same with our social medias.


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