While reading chapter 6 in the book, Dynamics of Media Writing by Filak, I thought it was helpful reading about how to write effectively in digital-media. The section that caught my attention was, Keys to Good Digital-Media Writing, page 95. Filak gives five basic keys to write successfully on the web or digital-media. The first key Filak talks about is offering quick reads. I can relate to this because when I search for something on the internet, I want the information right away and not something that I have to look forever for. I think this is important because it will help keep the reader focused on you. “Use short bits of information to give people the most important information first and then move on,” Filak said. The next key Filak talks about is being timely. I thought this was important because people want to know what is happening now and what happened weeks ago doesn’t matter anymore. Filak does a great job with talking about time as a writer, “Give your readers information they can use immediately or inform them about something that just happened.” The next key Filak explains is promoting content. As a writer on the web, this is important because if people are interested in you then you want them to know who you are more by providing social media links like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Being detailed in your writing or as Filak puts it, don’t just react. This is important because some people want more information about something that happened and not just your opinion about something. For me, when I search something on the internet, it’s because I want more information about facts and not someone’s opinion. The final key Filak talks about is being updated with changes. So, as things are occurring, stay updated with what is going on so you always have new information. This is important because people want to know what is new and what is happening right now. I learned a lot from this chapter because social media is one of my concentrations as a career after college.

In chapter 2 of the book, Journalism Next by Briggs, Briggs talks about blogging, which I thought was interesting because I am a blogger and love to do blogs when I have time. While reading this chapter I learned many things about blogging and how to blog professionally. I liked how Briggs showed how to create your own blog and the different things you can add to make your page to look professional. For example; name, theme, page elements, fonts & colors, edit HTML, new templates and the overall appearance. I think this is good for someone who is just getting into blogging to help them get started. I thought this chapter was very helpful for people who want to become journalist because Briggs talks about how you have to have a Twitter and blog to even be a decent journalist. I think everyone who wants to be a journalist one day should read this chapter.



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