In his writing, Filak explains the most beneficial way of providing an audience with information online. Briggs is showing us how to put those uses of online writing to work by creating a blog.

These two chapters intertwine gracefully when describing to a beginner on how to write “effectively” online. Why is effectively put into quotation marks, you may ask? Well, what does that word truly mean? In this context, it is a way to keep your readers engaged in your online presence.

I especially agree with Filak’s key points regarding “Good Digital-Media Writing” because it’s kind of like a cheat-sheet for blogging. Offering a quick read, promoting the content you’re writing about, and updating your work with changes are some of the aspects of successful online writing. If you cater to your audience (and their attention span), it is a way to create a route to many achievements.

Although a blog is a simple, yet fun, form of communication, it takes dedication and determination. Similarly, Briggs highlights and supports Filak’s points– you have to frequently update your content, include other links and graphics when blogging, and it’s an easy access for reliable information. It is now a very popular medium for spreading news. Blogs have definitely modernized journalism in a quirky yet sophisticated way.


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