In chapter 3 Filak explained the importance of the grammar structure and how it should be used. Your audience needs to be able to understand your writings, if not there wouldn’t be any engagement in the readings that is provided for them. Another thing that is talked about in this chapter is “Active Voice,” which means the subject performs the action instead of the verb. This describes my writing, when writing I tend to have my subject but not exactly explain what’s going on or being described.

In Chapter 4 Filak explains how you must be patient while writing must have your thoughts come to you instead of rushing your thoughts onto the paper. The “Killer Be’s” are; Be right, Be tight, Be clear, Be active, Be smooth, and Be quick. Have to be efficient in what you want your readers to understand, Have a smooth transition in what is needed, and you should already have your readers engaged in your subject from the first sentence without them having to dig really hard to understand what’s going on.


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